From planning and design management through to construction, commissioning and maintenance, Fulton Hogan has a strong track record of delivering the infrastructure needed for safe, secure water storage and supply, as well as the treatment of wastewater.

Our independent ownership model, combined with our collaborative approach, allows us to work with customers under a wide variety of contracting arrangements, from construct-only or design and construct models through to joint ventures, alliances or public-private partnership. Working together with other parties is essential to delivering critical projects within tight time-frames, enhancing project deliverables and increasing the amount of capital assets within a defined budget.

We can draw on decades of pipeline, pump station and treatment plant experience and a well-established track record in complex operations, such as live sewers, outfall and trunk sewers, as well as potable water mains, stormwater systems and remediation works. Our experience, coupled with our skilled construction teams and project management capability, give us everything we need to complete projects on time, within budget and meet all the specified performance standards.

Water networks

(Drinking, stormwater and wastewater) maintained for Wellington Water.

Australian dam projects

Completed in 2018


Of pipe laid

For the Hunua 4 project, Auckland

What we do


Potable Water

From planning and design management, through procurement, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation, customers work with Fulton Hogan to deliver water supply and treatment facilities for communities throughout Australasia.
Drawing on a wide range of internal specialists, technical resources and proven subcontractors – mechanical, process, instrument, control and electrical engineering, as well as commissioning specialists – we can deliver all aspects of a project:

  • Structures
  • Pumping stations
  • Storage tanks
  • Pipework
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation
  • Control and electrical systems
  • Roads
  • Drainage

Our comprehensive services also include testing and proof of performance. We have working relationships with water authorities in both rural and urban locations.



As a specialist in civil construction, our vertically integrated model allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions ideally suited to the construction of irrigation schemes. We have experience with:

  • Dams
  • Intakes
  • Head races
  • Distribution races
  • Large piped networks
  • Pump stations
  • Control systems

Fulton Hogan’s design, construction and maintenance skills also apply to improving the health of our waterways and mitigating flooding. Our work includes large-scale artificial wetland construction, bank and bed stabilisation, fishway construction and associated in-stream civil works.



Fulton Hogan has a proven track record in delivering wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), including new plants, upgrades and augmentations.

With over 7800+ people across Fulton Hogan, we are able to draw on our comprehensive in-house construction and project management resources. We’ve also established long-term relationships with specialist suppliers and subcontractors to complement our skill base. However, our greatest strength is our ability to work with customers and their communities to develop innovative design and construction solutions that often exceed their environmental, quality and performance expectations.