Graduate Leadership Programme

Your road, your future

We specialise in helping our communities operate safely, efficiently and sustainably by building and maintaining their transport and civil infrastructure.

We offer Graduate Programmes in the following business streams:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Finance

If successful, you will be given the opportunity to join one of these business streams, where you will be empowered to choose the pace and order for acquiring skills, knowledge and experience, while working alongside teams of professionals in an environment that is rewarding, challenging and fun.

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Infrastructure Services

  • Thanks to our vertically-integrated business model that comes from owning and operating asphalt plants, quarries, and research and testing laboratories, we are able to undertake a range of activities in the road, airport, defence and maintenance sectors with a strong focus on innovation and sustainable customer-focused solutions.
  • You could find yourself working in urban and regional locations where you might be involved in pavement construction, capital works and maintenance programmes, spray sealing, developing revolutionary asphalt and bitumen products and/or doing all this in one of the most demanding and exciting environments – an operational Airport!

Suitable majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management
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  • Our specialised engineering and construction capabilities span across roads, rail, ports, airports, bridges and renewables.
  • Take pride in building and managing the critical infrastructure that connects communities and helps us to shape a better world.
  • You will be tested and challenged in real world environments, with the aim of you developing a number of personal and professional skills, including: estimating, procurement, project budgeting, cost controls, programming, contract administration, stakeholder management, and quality, safety and environmental management.

Suitable majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Health & Safety
  • Law- Commercial/ Contracts 
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  • Our Utilities business offers services from planning and design management, through to construction, commissioning and maintenance for major network operators, technology vendors, government authorities and asset owners in the power, water, gas and telecommunications sectors.
  • You will gain exposure to our long-term delivery programmes and frameworks where you will develop an understanding of the utilities infrastructure that we rely on daily, and how we can renew, upgrade and/or replace these ageing assets to deliver increased reliability and certainty to customers and contribute to building better, more liveable communities.

Suitable majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
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  • Our Finance team provides critical business support and aids us in our efforts to create, connect and care for communities.
  • As a Finance Graduate, you will be exposed to the various regions within our business, helping you to develop a well-rounded knowledge of commercial accounting through to corporate and management accounting.

Suitable majors

  • Accounting
  • Finance


Our Graduates

We embrace the different cultures and traditions of the diverse people who make up our great business. Our enduring success relies on generating new and different ideas and perspectives. This is underpinned by the diversity of our people and being representative of the communities in which we operate. We strive to foster a supportive, fair and inclusive workplace for future and present employees.

By undertaking the Fulton Hogan Graduate Leadership Programme you will contribute to our vision of being a successful and enduring infrastructure company and embody our REAL values. You will have the opportunity to connect, improve and care for the communities in which you live.

Graduates AU

Kyriah Willacy

Graduate Engineer | Infrastructure Services
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Central Queensland University
What’s the coolest thing about your job?

My job is about providing engineering and project management support in a range of surfacing projects. Some of the benefits of working for Fulton Hogan in Mackay include: working for a smaller team within a large company, the variety of projects and responsibilities, and the flexibility of work hours. By not being surrounded with as many professionals working in specialised areas, you are naturally granted with greater responsibility helping to achieve your professional goals quicker.

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

I enjoy working in an atmosphere which provides plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. I have been involved with a few different projects, various clients and a variety of internal operations. No two projects are the same and you always gain new experiences from them.

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

The Graduate Program has helped me develop my professional skills by providing opportunities other employers don’t offer. Opportunities such as: on-the-job training and support, a mentor who offers support and career guidance, networking both internally and externally and spending time in other departments.

Graduates AU

Linden Chapman

Site Engineer | Construction
Bachelor of Civil  Engineering & Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Monash University
What’s the coolest thing about your job?

When working on the bigger construction projects, one of the epic aspects of it is the sheer scale on which we are able to build these projects. Some of the piling rigs on site are in excess of 20 metres tall with cranes to match. How we coordinate all these massive pieces of equipment, sometimes in very tight spaces, to achieve our end goal is pretty awesome!

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

Fulton Hogan provides a vast number of opportunities and operates differently to other construction companies: FH seeks to work within the community, for the community – to give back to the community as much as possible.

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

The Graduate Program sets out a list of items that you should have an awareness of as a graduate. This list, in conjunction with the Engineering Career Development Framework that Fulton Hogan Construction offers, can help a graduate start compiling information right from the start of their career to help become a Chartered Engineer when they are ready. The program is self-driven and allows you to take the initiative to seek out and talk to experienced engineers about different engineering topics and to tap into the wealth of knowledge that the company holds within its people.

Graduates AU

Brayden Jenke

Graduate Engineer | Utilities
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) / University of Adelaide
What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Being able to see what you’re working on come together, with a real structure or system coming to life (and not just on a piece of paper…)! Being out on site, as part of a team making a difference is so rewarding, especially being a part of the critical water industry – makes it feel like all the work being done is helping to keep the Adelaide water system running.

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

The people and culture at Fulton Hogan are what make this job so great. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help you learn, answer your questions and assist to make sure everything comes together. For such a large National company, everyone on all levels recognises and appreciates you as part of the team, even as a graduate, which has really assisted my transition into full-time employment.

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

The Graduate Program has been beneficial in allowing me to experience and work on a number of jobs throughout the 18 months, giving me exposure to not only different styles of projects, but also working alongside a large number of employees that are all so willing to help you learn and share their experiences. Fulton Hogan have been very trusting and supportive!

Graduates AU

Eshaan Bawa

National Finance Graduate | Fulton Hogan Australia
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Delhi & Masters of Professional Accounting, University of Adelaide
What’s the coolest thing about your job?

I am a numbers nerd, so whenever I can solve a problem or assist someone by using my traditional knowledge, I feel like I am on top of the world.

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

Fulton Hogan’s principles and REAL values resonate with me and go hand-in-hand with my approach to life. I always try to invest maximum effort into everything I do.

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

I’m in the company of people who have a wealth of experience, and they are happy to share it with me. If anyone asks me, how are you today? I always say that I am better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow!


When do the applications open and close?

Applications open  2 July 2021 and close 1 August 2021.

When does the programme begin?

Our program begins in February in each year, however there are opportunities for successful graduates to start earlier as required.

What level of qualification do I need?

Dependent on business stream, Fulton Hogan considers graduates with a Diploma, Bachelor’s degree or higher to partake in the programme.

Do I need to be an Australian resident to apply for the Graduate Programme?

To be eligible for our programs, you must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or a Permanent Resident at the time of application.

How long is the Graduate Programme?

You will be empowered to choose the pace and order for acquiring skills, knowledge and experience, while working alongside teams of professionals in an environment that is rewarding, challenging and fun.

Can I apply again now if I was unsuccessful last year?

Yes. Our graduate programme is open to students who have completed their studies up to three years ago.

Will graduates be expected to relocate?

We expect our graduates to be agile and willing to relocate to take on opportunities across the country to progress their career development.

I have a few questions, who can I speak to?

Our graduate talent team can be reached on graduates@fultonhogan.com.au.