For over 88 years, Fulton Hogan has been agile and innovative. We’re always looking for new ways to give our customers and community the best.

Our research and development teams are our technical hub. They constantly challenge the norm and bring innovation to our industry. Whether it’s a new pavement design incorporating recycled products, or a new technology to reduce energy consumption, we are always on the lookout for ways to do better.

Our technical teams work side-by-side with our crews, learning from each other and sharing ideas. Our 30 laboratories are not just for Fulton Hogan, they offer a wide range of services to the industry.

Some of our labs’ speciality testing includes:

  • GripTester – for skid resistance, currently used in 24 airports across Australia and New Zealand
  • Repeated Load Triaxial (RLT) testing – for aggregate performance
  • Polished Stone Value ­–­ for surfacing aggregates
  • Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) ­­– for bitumen rheology
  • Foamed bitumen mix design.


Testing reports

Issued since 2008


Benefited from our speciality skid resistance test, GripTester

What we do


Pavement Design

With over 88 years expertise in building roads, our teams are leading experts in pavement design. We’re always investigating ways to make pavements more sustainable, with the use of new processes and materials.

Each year, we invest significant resources in research and development. This has seen us bring new products, such as EZStreet bioblend to market, as well as incorporating the use of plastics and glass in our asphalt mixes.

We take time to fully test our pavement designs so our customers and community can be confident in their performance and safety.


Laboratory Testing

Fulton Hogan operates civil engineering materials testing and environmental monitoring laboratories throughout New Zealand and Australia. Our sophisticated systems enable our team of experts to promote best practice throughout our laboratory services.

We’re proud our 30 labs maintain a high quality of materials and output from our manufacturing facilities and constructed infrastructure projects. All our labs are compliance accredited with ISO 17025 by IANZ or NATA. Our labs also offer commercial services to infrastructure owners, operators, other contractors, government agencies and consultants.

Our commitment to our customers is a fast turnaround, with accurate reporting. To do this, we use QESTlab, the world’s most successful and customer-focused laboratory information management system.