Roads & Bridges

Roads & Bridges

Building roads is where Fulton Hogan started over 90 years ago. We’ve always known that improving transport links enables people to better connect. To this day, we pride ourselves on building and managing bridges and roads to help shape a better world.

From initial design, construction and surfacing through to maintenance and operational services, we have the experience to serve your project well. We actively work to understand your needs and aspirations to find the best contracting arrangement for your project.

Our network of strategically-located quarries and manufacturing plants across Australasia gives us direct access to the materials we need. You deal with one supplier for any project, while we retain full responsibility for all the materials, design services and construction results.

We’re able to deliver financially viable solutions through this unique business model, with full control of the supply chain. We work closely with local authorities and governments in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji to build and maintain roads and bridges in all their forms.

Our bridge building expertise is no different. We have the capacity to complete all elements of bridge construction, including the supply of precast concrete elements. Our skill base for roads and bridges has won awards both nationally and internationally.


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Maintained in Australia


Of bulk earthworks

On the Huntly Bypass, New Zealand


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The Foxground Berry Bypass, NSW.