Peculiar Knob Haul Road

The client was experiencing a major problem with its 100km dirt haul road leading to its Peculiar Knob iron ore mine – it was unsafe and virtually unusable in wet conditions and had to be regularly graded.

Fulton Hogan came up with an innovative alternative bid that would crush waste product from the mine and then seal it to improve the road pavement.

We used our own laboratories to perform material testing and our in‐house design / pavement capability to produce a pavement and seal solution.

We modelled several parameters including the design life, haulage loadings, vehicle types, road widths and dimensions and vehicle traffic rules.

The accepted method resulted in resistance to water, improved pavement strength, providing a surface treatment equivalent to the Stuart Highway. It also reduced maintenance costs and the risk of major haulage interruptions caused by severe failures.

It improved safety because the sealed road had minimal failures and provided better skid resistance.

This project is an example of Fulton Hogan’s ability to collaborate with clients to workshop options and then design and construct using our in-house resources.


South Australia
September 2013
April 2014
Resources, Construction, Roads & Bridges

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