Roads & Bridges

Building roads is where Fulton Hogan started over 80 years ago. We’ve always known that improving transport links enables people to better connect. To this day, we pride ourselves on building and managing bridges and roads to help shape a better world.


Servicing two-thirds of Australasia’s airports, Fulton Hogan are the airport pavement specialists. We work closely with our clients to minimise disruption while maximising quality and safety.


High traffic and heavy loads put a huge strain on port surfaces. Our labs have developed products especially for this and our team has the experience to deliver the right solution for your port.


Just like the roads we work on, rail is an important part of any effective transport network. From inner-city rail to national trunk lines, we’re quickly becoming a favourite supplier in rail construction.


Healthy, thriving communities need reliable water infrastructure. We have the experience and the partners to deliver the water and wastewater services our communities need.


Whether it’s wind, gas or hydro powered, our team have the skills and experience to build and operate energy infrastructure efficiently.


From site specific project management to full turnkey delivery, we’re partnering with the big players to create the communication networks our future demands.


From design through to operation, Fulton Hogan work collaboratively to provide the best mining, processing and transporting solutions.


The Defence Force play an essential part in our community and we’re proud to play an important part in keeping them running. For over 15 years, Fulton Hogan has been delivering and maintaining key infrastructure for our forces.