Asset Management

Asset Management

We understand the critical importance infrastructure plays in the everyday life of communities across Australasia. As asset management and maintenance specialists, we pride ourselves on forming strong partnerships with our customers to deliver the best solutions for their asset management needs.

Using the best tools and technologies available, we develop strategies that take the entire project into account, maximising benefits and approaching maintenance intelligently and efficiently.

Our track record in whole-of-life asset management provides confidence that Fulton Hogan will take into account the needs of our customers and the affected communities while delivering quality, dependable results on time.

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Road maintenance

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Asset Management

Road Network

Fulton Hogan delivers cost-effective and efficient road network maintenance through innovative asset management systems and advanced delivery techniques.

Our focus on enhancing the assets life through smart analysis and modelling allows us programme our innovative treatments at the optimal time.  Combine this with the well-organised supervision and management of our skilled on-the-ground crews and you have a winning formula for roading management.

Our expert teams work closely with customers and the community, keeping abreast of contemporary trends and cutting-edge systems to create a road network that is safe, reliable and efficient to use.

Asset Management

Utilities & Facilities

Fulton Hogan offers customers a complete facilities management service, from managing a single piece of equipment to a substantial site with multiple large infrastructure assets.

Infrastructure maintenance and management is our core business, including the maintenance of treatment facilities, pump stations, reservoirs and water and waste facility areas.

Our experienced team can manage all aspects of building and mechanical maintenance, ground and garden maintenance, security, cleaning and catering.

Asset Management

Open Space

As standalone contracts, or as part of our road network contracts, Fulton Hogan has a proven track record in open space management.

Our maintenance programmes include routine and cyclical mowing, weeding and spraying, periodic pruning and fertilisation, replanting of annual plants, verge planting and maintenance, and emergency and routine tree clearing.

We are always working with our customers to maximise the value of open space areas as attractive community assets that everyone can enjoy.