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Specialty asphalts Australia

RigiPhalt® | PortPhalt® | MotoPhalt™ | EME2 | GripPhalt® | EZ Street® | RAPBaseTM

Specialty hardstand hot mix asphalts

Fulton Hogan specialty hardstand asphalts can handle the toughest environments such as ports, airports through to bus stations. Our pavement design experience and proprietary products provide cost effective options for all heavy duty pavement applications.

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RigiPhalt®, a composite of cement-based grout and open grade asphalt, offers many benefits over concrete, including reduced time and lower cost. It has extreme loadbearing capacity (both static and dynamic), and resistance to container corner castings, channelising, fuel, hydraulic and oil spills.



A highly modified asphalt designed for deformation resistance and load spreading capacity. Its interlocking aggregate structure holds together under high loadings. PortPhalt® offers superior performance to other premium asphalts (A10E, A35P, C600) with double the deformation resistance and load spreading capacity. Depending on design requirements, PortPhalt® ST (Structural) or PortPhalt® DR (Deformation Resistant) maybe recommended.


Other specialty asphalts



MotoPhalt™ is a proprietary dense-grade asphalt mix, specifically formulated to handle race conditions and minimise the potential for track surfacing failures. MotoPhalt™ is developed to perform under the extreme conditions experienced in motor sport racing that tend to inflict the most damage to the surface by transferring the immense stresses exerted by vehicles through the asphalt, especially when cornering. Application of the MotoPhalt™ system, using the strengthened MotoBind™ bitumen, MotoBond™ tack coat and MotoPhalt™ asphalt, significantly reduces the potential for surfacing failure.

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Enrobés à Module Élevé Classe 2 (EME2) is a high modulus hot mix asphalt technology that was developed in France. It was designed to enable a reduction in asphalt thickness for heavy duty pavements with lower construction and maintenance work, whilst still providing sound pavement performance through a combination of high modulus, and superior fatigue, deformation and moisture resistance.


GripPhalt is ideal for any pavement surface where improvements in skid resistance will improve safety, including steep gradients and winding roads, approaching traffic lights, school crossings, roundabouts, and other high braking areas.

GripPhalt is produced with slag (steel by-product) which adds strength, durability and 15% to 20% improvement in skid resistance over standard asphalt mixes.

Environmentally friendly

GripPhalt includes a high percentage of recycled and renewable material from 60% to 90%. The slag aggregate used in GripPhalt is a by-product of steel production that commonly would end up as landfill. Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) can also be added. GripPhalt mixes can also be manufactured using ‘warm asphalt technology’ to further reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced in the manufacturing process.

EZ Street®

EZ Street® is a premium blend, polymer-modified cold asphalt providing cost effective, simple and permanent solutions for pavement repairs including pot holes, utility cuts, edge repairs and around manholes. EZ Street® works in water, requires no tack coat, traffics immediately and is easy to use.

EZ Street® is available in bag, bucket and bulk. See our website for further benefits and how to apply EZ Street® to get maximum performance.

Environmentally friendly: Bioblends® by EZ Street®

Bioblends® by EZ Street® is made with added advanced bio-fuels. This green technological approach provides the qualities and benefits of traditional EZ Street®.

See EZ Street in action below.


RAPBaseTM looks like an asphalt product. It is made up of almost 100% Recycled Asphalt Product blended with Fulton Hogan’s proprietary bitumen emulsion. RAPBaseTM is designed to be a long-lasting and structural bitumen-treated granular base. It has improved strength and moisture-resistant qualities when compared to conventional granular materials and many other treated base materials.

Environmentally friendly

RAPBaseTM is made using 90% to 100% of Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) instead of virgin aggregate from our quarries. No heating is required as it is produced and laid cold.