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Fulton Hogan

Adelaide civil construction and road maintenance

Fulton Hogan creates, connects and cares for communities; building the roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property which brings people together. We build communities literally from the ground up, starting with our own network of quarries, complemented by our asphalt, emulsion and pre-cast plants.

Civil construction in Adelaide and South Australia

Fulton Hogan’s civil construction for Victoria Square, right in the heart of Adelaide is physical proof of Fulton Hogan’s commitment to supporting the priorities of the communities it services.

Designed in the 1830’s, the layout of Adelaide’s city centre features five city squares arranged within a grid of CBD streets, and this is entirely surrounded by parklands. This gracious city plan survives, appreciated by residents to this day. The central city square in Adelaide, Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga, is under redevelopment by Fulton Hogan, a civil construction project that includes shaded walkways, street furniture, landscaping, an interactive water feature, services infrastructure, and refurbishment of existing fountain and statue.

Transport related civil construction projects by Fulton Hogan included asphalt overlays for two of the runways and several taxiways at Adelaide Airport, and the construction of the Michael Herbert/King Street Bridge in Glenelg, which supports one of the busiest roads in Australia. On an even larger scale, in collaboration with a joint venture partner, Fulton Hogan delivered the Northern Expressway project three months ahead of schedule, including 17 bridges and 23km of four lane divided expressway joining the Stuart Highway to Port Wakefield Road. Nearly ninety percent of project employees lived in South Australia, returning a significant economic benefit to the community, as well as giving Adelaide the smoothest road in Australia.

Adelaide road maintenance

Fulton Hogan’s road building expertise provides the ideal foundation for programmed maintenance, and road maintenance services for Adelaide and South Australia. Fulton Hogan has a quarry, asphalt plant, sealing/paving teams, and road maintenance services all right here in South Australia, and state-of-the-art equipment combined with assessment by specialised inspection vehicles, mean that Fulton Hogan is well-placed to perform responsive road maintenance for Adelaide and South Australia’s sometimes-isolated roads.

As well as road maintenance, Fulton Hogan extends its maintenance services to footpaths, street furniture, drains, and vegetation control for cities like Adelaide and suburbs. Experience constructing water infrastructure such as drains and water treatment projects, means that Fulton Hogan has been successful in waterway and drainage maintenance for civil authorities for over a decade.

Key Projects

Defence Force facilities


Client: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Completion date: Ongoing

Capability: Airports, Defence

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National Broadband Network

Telecommunications and services

Client: NBN

Completion date: May 2014

Capability: Energy

Project type: Build only

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Peculiar Knob


Client: Arrium Mining

Contract value: AU$20m

Contract type: Design and construction

Completion date: April 2014

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