Fulton Hogan Australia has published three Environmental Product Declarations with EPD Australasia

Fulton Hogan Australia has published three Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for its asphalt products manufactured in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as its quarry products supplied in Victoria.

Published by EPD Australasia, EPDs are independently verified documents to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 that communicate transparent and comparable data and other relevant environmental information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products used in the building and construction industry. This includes a summary of resource usage and emissions to air, soil and water and the potential contributions to climate change.

“Having these EPDs shows that Fulton Hogan is an early mover in the market and demonstrates that our company has a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility and transparency.”

“We continue to seek to reduce our impact on the environment and strive to show our customers and clients that there are lower-impact ways of delivering infrastructure.”

“I’m very proud of this achievement as it’s a vital step in understanding the environmental impact of our manufacturing and supply processes. This is key as we move towards our target to be net carbon zero by 2050,” says Rory Bracken, General Manager – HSEQS (Infrastructure Services).

The development and publication of the three EPDs has been a careful and considered process with Fulton Hogan’s customers kept in mind.

“As our customers are seeking more sustainable, cost effective and functional solutions, we feel that these EPDs will provide a quick and easy means for them to choose between our different products during the tendering and procurement process.”

“Each EPD covers a comprehensive range of Fulton Hogan products in key locations to provide customers with the information they need, without limiting choice. We see this as a big win for our customers,” says Katie McElhone, National Sustainability Manager (Infrastructure Services).

EPDs are also recognised and rewarded in rating schemes such as Infrastructure Sustainability Council in Australia and New Zealand

Fulton Hogan will continue to work on its EPD development program with additional EPDs to follow in other key Australian locations over the coming months.

As a technical leader in its field, Fulton Hogan develops and delivers quality, innovative products and services for its customers which can both improve performance and reduce cost, while utilising the circular economy principles of waste utilisation, reuse, recycling and repurposing.

Fulton Hogan’s extensive experience in the structural design of pavements has led to the development of a number of proprietary asphalt mix designs and an array of sustainable products. These include: high percentage recycled asphalt pavement using slag, glass and plastics, as well as crumb rubber asphalt and spray-seals.

After nearly 90 years in business, Fulton Hogan believes that resilient infrastructure will help tackle the challenges of a changing world, and it will continue to invest and innovate to play its part.

The Fulton Hogan EPDs are available to download here:

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