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Two men working on Civil construction

What we do


At Fulton Hogan, we create, connect and care for communities

Our international team build the roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property that help bring people together – great achievements during our 80-plus years of experience in the transport infrastructure, water, energy, mining and land development sectors.

We have a strong Australasian footprint, with offices and facilities across New Zealand and Australia and our work in the Pacific and remote areas includes projects on the Keeling Islands, off the coast of Western Australia.

We offer clients a vertically-integrated business structure. Because we have our own asphalt plants, quarries and precast plants, we are able to supply our own civil projects and provide the continuity that helps projects stay on time and on budget.

Our innovative approach sets us apart, with time and money invested into material research, development and application of progressive new techniques, such as sustainable pavement mixes and our pressure Watercutter.