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Innovation report

Introduced at the start of 2015, Fulton Hogan’s Innovation Strategy was established to help us evolve in a changing industry, and create new solutions in our constant strive for zero harm and value for money. It is a strategy with three key goals:

  1. To offer customer-centric innovation, improving our processes around solving the problems that our customers face. Fulton Hogan collaborates with alliance members, joint venture partners, small businesses, and our competitors to tackle challenges such as improving road safety and achieving zero harm on our work sites.
  2. To deliver innovation projects that prepare us for potential changes to industry and technology, therefore providing new diverse solutions for our customers as these changes occur. This includes not only building on opportunities within existing business, but investing in opportunities that increase the range and scope of our portfolio. Fulton Hogan also strive to identify potential areas for diversification, laying the foundations for viable future opportunities outside of our core business areas.
  3. To grow and maintain our connections with the global community, keeping pace with new and emerging technology. Fulton Hogan need to harness relevant technology and ensure it is embedded into our business for the benefit of our people, our customers and our long-term sustainability.

Since Fulton Hogan’s Innovation Strategy was introduced, we have seen a significant shift in the way our people approach and share innovation. It is fantastic that we are now able to share this success with our customers, our connections, and the broader community.

Our Annual Innovation Report highlights the top innovations delivered over the past 12 months. These are only a fraction of the 400+ ideas and innovations that are currently logged on our innovation database, Blue Skies.