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Tauranga Airport Carpark


Client: Tauranga Airport Authority

Contract type: Design and construction

Completion date: 2016

Capability: Airports, Asphalt and sealing

Sustainable car park for Tauranga Airport

Through eco-design, construction management, sustainable resourcing and logistics, Fulton Hogan delivered a sustainable and innovative space for the Tauranga Airport.

When it came to designing and building a long-term car park for the Tauranga Airport, a low environmental footprint was a top priority for the customer.

Fulton Hogan came up with a solution that used 100% recycled aggregate base course from waste concrete from local businesses.

The build also involved installing Triton stormwater chambers which safely and steadily discharge stormwater, reducing the load on the local stormwater system. The storm water chambers are made from eco-friendly soy-oil based resin and certified by Carbon Credit Environmental Service.

By back-loading trucks and taking cut sand to the airport clean fill while returning with crushed concrete to build the pavement instead of transporting virgin material to site, the project also managed to save time and fuel-burn.

With the car park being designed in-house, the team were able to use a 3D model in conjunction with grader control technology, creating a safer, more efficient and less labour intensive construction methodology.

The project received a commendation for the Mega Efficiency Impact Award category at the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.