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Perth Airport Asphalt Works


Client: Perth Airport

Completion date: 2016

Cost: AU$1.9m

Capability: Airports, Asphalt and sealing

Fulton Hogan recently completed asphalt laying work on Perth Airport’s main runway.

The project involved profiling and laying 4,900 tonnes of DG14 Airport Mix on the Airport’s main runway, including the intersection of the cross runway.

This project utilised Fulton Hogan’s ability to bring advanced risk-management strategies into play so that construction ran comfortably alongside existing operations without risk to people or property. Most of the work was completed during the day while the shorter cross runway was in operation. Day shift works, including clean up and safety inspections, needed to be completed by 5pm to allow evening flights to operate on the main runway.

The world’s largest plane, the Antonov AN-225, landed in Perth not long after the runway work, a testament to the quality of the work completed.

Senior Project Manager for Perth Airport, Don Bridges, noted that Fulton Hogan’s attention to detail resulted in an excellent finish and their focus on safety ensured that the project was completed safely.