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Katfish Reach

Water & Wastewater

Client: SA Water
Completion date: July 2015
Capability: Water & Wastewater
Cost: AU$3M


The number of native fish in Eckert Creek, in the floodplain and near the town of Berri was shrinking due to restricted water flow. The Katfish Reach Hydrological and Fish Passage Structures project was designed to improve the use of existing water resources in the area for the benefit of surrounding fauna and flora, improve hydrological connectivity, fish passage and improve ecosystem health.

Fulton Hogan’s scope was spread across five main sites on the waterway, including a series of concrete bridges, pile-supported fishway structures, causeways, culvert crossings, cattle grids, and a range of general concrete structures and rock protection to control scouring of the river banks. The work was completed on behalf of the Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources (DEWNR), and was managed onsite by SA Water.

Throughout construction delivery, Fulton Hogan successfully managed all environmental aspects including challenges such as dewatering and concrete works within the waterway at multiple sites. As the team had to work adjacent to live streams and creeks, Fulton Hogan had a Stockpile Management and Erosion Sediment Control Plan for each site to minimise risk. Fulton Hogan also engaged a native fish specialist, who showed the team how to recognise and safely move any trapped native fish back into the river system. The works also required clearing of some vegetation, and the protection of significant trees adjacent to the construction zone, including a number of scar trees.

The Project was completed on time, to a high quality and environmental standard and with an excellent safety record. Thanks to the restoration project, native fish are flooding back into the Katarapko wetlands.