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Lee Revell

GM Construction
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Fulton Hogan

Civil construction and road maintenance in Darwin

Fulton Hogan creates, connects and cares for communities; building the roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property which brings people together. We build communities literally from the ground up, starting with our own network of quarries, complemented by our asphalt, emulsion and pre-cast plants. Fulton Hogan keeps Darwin connected with civil construction projects creating vital civil infrastructure which withstands the elements, and road maintenance operations throughout the Northern Territory on a scale that is simply vast.

Darwin civil construction

Requirements for Darwin civil construction are a bit different from the rest of Australia. Darwin’s climate, combined with its relative isolation from the rest of Australia, can make getting things done pretty difficult at times, and as harsh as the Australian climate can be, most Australians don’t have to put up with seasonal rainfall that regularly limits travel and cuts supply lines.

Darwin’s climate is spectacular during the wet season: floods, torrential downpours, lightning strikes, or even cyclones are almost a daily occurrence. High rainfalls often cut roads, and Fulton Hogan has played a part in keeping the Northern Territory and Darwin on the move, building a new 200m bridge across Daly River, including 2km of new road. Designed to withstand the pressures of the wet season, this new civil construction will extend access to more of the year.

Fulton Hogan’s civil construction expertise extends much further than road building: a recognised authority in the pavements and surfacing required for air travel, Fulton Hogan completed the pavement refurbishment and asphalt overlay for Darwin Airport.

Road maintenance in Darwin

Poor drainage can severely undermine roads, inviting catastrophic damage prematurely, but Fulton Hogan combines a complete understanding of road building with drainage maintenance experience, sometimes under extreme pressure from heavy rainfalls and floods, so is the perfect choice for road maintenance services in and around Darwin. In fact, Fulton Hogan can provide maintenance for roads across the entire Northern Territory, ensuring a responsive road maintenance service operates throughout the wet season.

Fulton Hogan supports community priorities, and road maintenance teams are also able to provide a range of services to Darwin and suburbs, including drains, paths, signs, street furniture, waterways, and vegetation control.

On top of our road maintenance capabilities, Fulton Hogan can also supply a full range of bituminous products source from our five quarries around Australia – from road base, aggregates and road fill, to specialty sand, asphalt mixes, railway ballast and gabion rock.

Asphalt production

Asphalt supply and laying are fundamental to the upkeep and development of the road network. Fulton Hogan is an industry leader, our laboratories designing products that incorporate the latest pavement surfacing technology.

Fulton Hogan’s asphalt production plant in Darwin can produce tailored asphalts designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our clients. Our asphalt supply and laying processes are designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Our emulsion, bitumen and other surfaces are manufactured using the latest low temperature / low emission technologies, saving energy. We supply asphalts which offer optimum performance in even the harshest conditions, and our asphalt laying crews reinforce our green credentials by applying the finished products in an environmentally friendly way.

Our vertically integrated business model means we manage the entire process, from extracting the raw materials used in asphalt production to asphalt laying and maintenance, reducing cost and increasing constancy.

Spray sealing

For lower volume roads and pavements, the team at Darwin provide spray sealing, the most cost-effective method of repair and protection. Fulton Hogan’s spray seal products add a thin layer of bituminous binder to the surface, which prevents water getting through and degrading the underlying material.


Fulton Hogan are industry leaders in the production of emulsions tailored to create surfaces for different conditions. Our research and development specialists ensure that our emulsion products are suitable to meet a variety of needs. From small local roads to larger arterial road networks, and freeways, our products are suitable for every application. Our high quality road grade emulsions can suit various climate conditions. Our bitumen emulsions limit the use of non-renewable petroleum products and offer the advantage of reducing hydrocarbon pollution. The commitment of the Fulton Hogan emulsions team to providing environmentally friendly products and services is evident from the formulation and application of our emulsions products.


Key Projects

Defence Force facilities


Client: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Completion date: Ongoing

Capability: Airports, Defence

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