Assure Programs EAP

Free confidential counselling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Fulton Hogan employees and close family members.

Phone 1800 808 374

Or text/SMS 0439 449 876.

One of the actions in our Fulton Hogan Mental Health Strategy 2020-2025 (Australia) was to review Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers in the market place, along with our existing EAP partner organisation, OZ Help, to determine the best fit for our people going forward. Over the past couple of months our National Mental Health Steering Committee has undertaken a rigorous market review of EAP providers.  As a result of this process we are pleased to announce that from today our new EAP provider is Assure Programs.


What is an EAP provider?

An EAP provider is an external company engaged by Fulton Hogan to help maintain the wellbeing and positive mental health of our employees and their close family members, by providing confidential counselling services for those dealing with personal and work-related problems.

This short video by Assure Programs provides an overview.


Why Assure Programs?

There are many reasons that Assure Programs was chosen as our new EAP provider, these include:

    • Multiple contact methods for anyone experiencing difficulties – including SMS (counselling via text), phone, video call and face-to-face counselling
    • All counsellors are qualified psychologists with minimum of five years’ experience
    • Geographic coverage – well represented across Australia including regional and remote areas
    • Understand our industry with a portfolio of large construction and Government clients
    • Strong crisis management response

What does this mean for you?

OZ Help is no longer our EAP provider. If you call their number to initiate counselling, you will be referred to Assure Programs

  • From today if you require EAP services, please call Assure Programs on: 1800 808 374
  • For support via SMS, please text: 0439 449 876
  • You can also request an EAP appointment online via their online booking request form. Visit www.assureprograms.com.au and follow the links in the form to fill in your details. An Assure team member will then contact you to confirm your booking.

More information is included at these links:


What if I am currently receiving counselling from OZ Help?

If you are currently receiving support through Oz Help, that will continue. OZ Help will be in touch with individuals shortly to confirm this and provide further details.