Apple Inc. showcases Fulton Hogan globally

The world’s most valuable company is using Fulton Hogan’s experience with iOS-based apps to showcase their benefits globally. Apple Inc’s ‘Apple at Work’ website shows companies that have transformed business practices using iPhone and iPad apps, including Fulton Hogan.

Group Chief Information Officer Brian Northern says the key to the apps’ success has been a ‘one app, one task’ approach, and integrating the apps through Salesforce.

Group Digital Manager Amanda Lawrey describes it as “great recognition of our work” that Apple has put Fulton Hogan on the world stage.

“It shows that building IOS apps that are as intuitive to use as a shovel can transform the way a business operates.”

Amanda says the company was looking for “a blank canvas to re-imagine some of our processes” when the app development began with just 10 iPads in 2013.

“We started working with our most capable, experienced field operators and expected some resistance to change,” Amanda says.

“I remember thinking; if we can get them to use apps on an iPad or iPhone, we could get anyone to use them. But their feedback sparked a digital change within our business as they saw processes being improved, greater efficiency, accuracy and safety.”

Southern Zone assessor Ray Patrick was one of them.

“The introduction of iPads to the business back in 2013 was a game changer and made many of our manual time consuming processes so much more efficient.”

Another was Operator Specialist ‘Swampy’ Marshall.

“My iPad enables me to manage everything I do out in the field, saving me from having to travel to the office. It’s my toolbox. Apps like SkillsView and eTimesheets make it so easy to access key information out in the field “

One of the priorities back in 2013 was a daily job recording app. Fast forward eight years and its integration with the eTimesheet app for waged staff is achieving approximately $3 million in annual time savings.

“By focusing on validation rather than laborious inputting, it’s become an ingrained part of how we run our business,” Amanda says.

As one of the larger users of Apple SDK for Salesforce, Fulton Hogan recently presented at Salesforce’s week-long annual conference, DreamForce, in San Francisco on linking straightforward applications with Salesforce.

“The key is keeping all the complex business logic in the background and keeping the user interface simple,” Amanda says.


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Apple Inc. showcases Fulton Hogan globally

Apple Inc. showcases Fulton Hogan globally

The world’s most valuable company is using Fulton Hogan’s experience...

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