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Roading & surfacing experts

Fulton Hogan has more than 80 years’ experience as roading and surfacing experts and has developed world-leading best practices for producing high-performance road and pavement surfaces. Our highly-skilled, dedicated technical and delivery teams work closely with customers to continually deliver high-quality projects and services – on time and to budget.

As Australasia’s infrastructure industry leaders in the development and supply of asphalt, emulsions, spray seals and PMBs to the roading and construction sectors, Fulton Hogan’s vertically-integrated model means that these products are an important part of our ‘end-to-end’ construction solutions. Our highly-skilled, dedicated technical staff lead the way in new surfacing developments and innovations across New Zealand, Australia and beyond, ensuring that our asphalt and bitumen products are successfully produced to exacting customer requirements.

Fulton Hogan is dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly surfacing products. Our objective here is two-fold: we aim to produce asphalt, bitumen and other products, while using the most energy-efficient, ‘green’ processes possible, to arrive at an end product that can be applied in the most environmentally-sustainable way possible. Our surfacing products represent an important part of our broader focus on ‘end-to-end’ construction solutions, demonstrate our world-class abilities in this area and complement our extensive involvement in major roading and surface construction projects.


Fulton Hogan is a leading producer and contractor of asphalt products and services across Australasia, with access to high-quality stone, rock, asphalt and emulsions from our network of more than 50 quarries and 50 manufacturing plants. We combine state-of-the-art fixed and mobile plant and equipment with skilled, well-trained teams to deliver high-performance asphalt for the most demanding applications. Our asphalt is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our valued clients and provides superior performance in a variety of applications.

At Fulton Hogan, our technical staff work closely with our global suppliers to incorporate the latest developments and technologies into our final product. We also ensure that our asphalt production processes use the latest ‘green’ technologies, including low-temperature/low-emission technologies to conserve energy and reduce environmental impacts.

Our asphalt products can be supplied at the point of manufacture, delivered to any construction project, or supplied as a component of the total pavement solution. Our asphalt mixes can also be manufactured on-site by mobile mix plants, with capacities of up to 200 tonnes of product per hour.

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Chip seal (NZ)/ Spray seal (AU)

To complement our standard asphalt surfacing, Fulton Hogan provides customers with a range of chip seal/spray seal products and applications. These bitumen emulsion products are ideal for sealing or rehabilitating low-use road and pavement areas, particularly in rural locations.

Chip or spray sealing is environmentally-friendly and uses water, rather than solvents, as a binding agent for the bitumen. Sealing involves the application of a thin layer of bituminous binder on a road surface, before applying a layer of aggregate on top of the binder. The binder acts as a waterproofing layer and prevents water from entering the underlying road base. This cost-effective method rejuvenates road surfaces.

Fulton Hogan deliver infrastructure to a variety of sectors, in a diverse range of ways. Our spray sealing crews operate across many remote and rural locations, to deliver high-quality products and services swiftly, and in the required volumes.


Fulton Hogan’s emulsion products and applications are industry leaders, covering a range that extends from high-quality conventional road-grade emulsions, through to polymer-modified primer sealing and sealing grades.

We provide clients across Australasia with emulsion products that incorporate the very latest in pavement surfacing technology. These include a broad range of quality emulsions (cationic and anionic) that deliver superior results on roads and pavement structures, in a variety of locations and conditions.

Our extensive research and development program, incorporating the latest in global developments, allows Fulton Hogan to produce an emulsion range that will cope with the harshest conditions.

Fulton Hogan’s team of in-house technical support teams work tirelessly to continuously develop, test and refine products – supported by industry-leading binder research and development facilities.

We operate emulsion and polymer plants in many locations across Australia and New Zealand and also manufacture world-class bitumen emulsion and polymer products for use in asphalt, slurry or spray seal applications. Fulton Hogan supply direct to the market or provide a fully-integrated solution from start to finish on any given project.

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Key Projects

Barrow Island Runway


Client: Ertech

Completion date: 2013

Capability: Energy, Airports

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Warego Highway Helidon to Withcott

Warrego Highway, Helidon to Withcott


Client: Department of Transport and Main Roads, Qld

Value: AU$55m

Completion date: August 2013

Capability: Roads and bridges, Surfacing

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Te Rapa Overlay


Client: New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)

Completion date: May 2014

Capability: Roads and bridges, Surfacing

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