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Airport products

JetBind® | JetBond®  | JetBloc® | JetBlack®

Specialty bituminous products for airport asphalt

Our in-house National Airports and R&D teams have identified common pavement issues across airports in Australia and New Zealand and through extensive research and testing, Fulton Hogan has developed specialist airport proprietary products that enhance life-cycle management.




JetBind is a specially developed polymer modified bitumen binder used in asphalts for airport surfaces. In our local hot climate, aircraft-induced shear stresses can push asphalt stability to its limits. The result can be severe deformation of runway and taxiway surfaces as well as the irreversible loss of runway grooves. JetBind is designed to withstand these conditions by improving airport asphalt performance via flexibility, load spreading capacity, deformation resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures.


JetBond is a premium modified bitumen emulsion tack coat developed to withstand asphalt overlay delamination and slippage, as higher tyre pressures and stresses from aircraft braking shear increase. It has been specifically formulated to provide improved adhesion of the asphalt overlay (4 to 5 times stronger than standard products) and to resist softening during prolonged periods of hot weather. Other benefits are rapid curing and no pick-up so JetBond® stays where it needs to be and not on tyres.



JetBloc is a premium fuel resistance coating developed to protect airport asphalt from the combined actions of high stress loads and regular fuel contamination. JetBloc is not prone to abrasion, delamination or cracking. By providing extra protection from solar radiation, JetBloc also effectively reduces the risk of temperature related distress in the underlying layer.



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JetBlack is an alternative option to resealing aged pavements and thereby, extending their life. JetBlack is a blend of: premium bitumen emulsion (high solids, polymer modified, stabilised), special additives and mineral filler. When applied, the aged asphalt looks almost new because of the black colour and the voids are filled with mineral filler. JetBlack is also used for texture improvement.

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Our NCTIR team, in alliance with NZ Transport and KiwiRail, has won the prestigious Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) People’s Choice Award for 2018. This international award recognises projects that transforms people’s lives and the NCTIR team’s involvement as part of the Kaikoura earthquake recovery work literally “moved mountains to reconnect communities”. As the only...

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​It was golden glory for Fulton Hogan at the prestigious Canterbury Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ) Awards, winning four major categories. Christchurch’s Riccarton Road reconstruction team picked up both the project category and company image awards while the New Brighton Pier repair work won the innovation and health and safety categories. Staff worked around the...

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