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Warego Highway Helidon to Withcott

Warrego Highway, Helidon to Withcott


Client: Department of Transport and Main Roads, Qld

Value: AU$55m

Completion date: August 2013

Capability: Roads and bridges, Surfacing

The Warrego Highway is Queensland’s main route and an important strategic link in Queensland’s national and state road networks. The Helidon to Withcott project is a flood rectification project, focused on the 8.5km section between the towns of Helidon and Withcott, at the bottom of south-east Queensland’s Great Dividing Range.

Reconstruction programme

The work involved sections of full reconstruction and also full-depth overlay of the Warrego Highway between Helidon and Withcott, west of Brisbane, to rectify damage to the road network caused by major flooding in 2010-11. The work was completed as part of the Transport Network Reconstruction Programme, following the floods.

Fulton Hogan’s vertically-integrated business meant we could provide the 200,000 tonnes of dense graded asphalt needed to resurface the highway. One of Fulton Hogan’s mobile asphalt plants was set-up close to the job site and produced 95% of the asphalt required for the project.

Although the construction conditions were challenging, with high traffic volumes, Fulton Hogan’s commitment to safety was demonstrated brilliantly, with more than 100,000 man hours worked and zero Lost Time to Injuries (LTIs).

Recognised quality

The work carried out on the project earned Fulton Hogan the 2014 Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) ‘Queensland Outstanding Project Award’. The award was presented by AAPA, for excellence in delivery and outstanding quality in construction of a road surfacing or asphalt pavement project in Queensland.