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Victoria Square re-development

Civil works

Client: Adelaide City Council

Contract value: AU$28m

Contract type: Design and construction, Civil works

Completion date: December 2013

Re-developing a world class area

Victoria Square/Tarmtanyangga is a lively place for everyone to enjoy and provides a world-class outdoor event area, with the capacity to cater for up to 10,000 people, right in the heart of Adelaide.

Stage 1 of the re-development project involved creating a large public event space with a raised performance area, a promenade with an ‘urban lounge’ and seating, a new water-play fountain, as well as lawn and garden beds. Innovative lighting, along with modern public toilets, new drinking fountains and bicycle racks have also been installed.

Fulton Hogan’s roading capabilities ensured that the central roadway could be transformed for large events. Work also included the relocation and refurbishment of some of the Square’s famous landmarks, including the Three Rivers Fountain and the Queen Victoria statue. Our experience in water and wastewater services allowed us to relocate sewer and utility services.

Connencting city to community

Fulton Hogan was proud to work with Adelaide City Council to re-develop the city’s central Victoria Square, helping to connect the city and community through an innovative urban development.

This project illustrates Fulton Hogan’s capacity for variable civil construction works with earthworks and the relocation of services, combined with other speciality areas such as urban landscaping and traffic management.

“Fulton Hogan’s stakeholder management strategy has ensured that Council’s image and relations with the public have been at the forefront of their project management. 

I congratulate Fulton Hogan on their stakeholder engagement to date and trust that it will continue in this manner to the successful completion of the project.”

– Tom Playford, Adelaide City Council, Senior Consultant, Victoria Square Project