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Kerry Watkins

Regional Manager

Fulton Hogan

Waikato road maintenance, asphalt supply, laying & traffic management

Fulton Hogan creates, connects and cares for communities; building the roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property which brings people together. We build communities literally from the ground up, starting with our own network of quarries, complemented by our asphalt, emulsion and pre-cast plants.

Road maintenance throughout the Waikato

Fulton Hogan offer comprehensive road maintenance solutions across the Waikato, in New Zealand’s upper North Island. The region covers 25,000 square kilometres, so our ability to use mobile devices to identify and pinpoint any defects or hazards on the road network, and transmit that information back to a control centre where it is analysed and the relevant repairs coordinated, is very useful. The area is dominated by the Waikato River and its tributaries, so Fulton Hogan’s expertise in drainage maintenance and bridge maintenance and rehabilitation are also very appropriate. As is the case across the country, and fundamental to our road maintenance policy, we have people on the ground locally to make decisions that best suit the communities in which they are operating.

Asphalt supply and laying

The asphalt supply plant in Hamilton, Waikato’s largest city, produces road surfaces for our asphalt laying teams which can be rapidly deployed across the region. The site is home to one of our laboratories where our research and development team create energy efficient asphalt and bitumen production processes, and the products are designed so that our asphalt laying teams can apply them in an environmentally friendly way. This green focus to our asphalt supply and laying, along with our end to end construction solution – providing road surfaces from extracting the raw material all the way through to the finished product – enables us to offer the Waikato community world class road surfaces today which will leave the best possible legacy into the future.

Keeping Waikato moving through traffic management services

With the fourth largest regional economy in New Zealand, it is imperative goods and people move freely throughout the Waikato. Fulton Hogan’s traffic management services facilitate this: our experience means we can react quickly to incidents on the roads to regulate and control traffic flow, and we can devise efficient traffic management measures for planned events which impact on the road network. Fulton Hogan’s Waikato operation holds the PSMC 007 West Waikato contract for management and maintenance of the state highway network within the NZ Transport Agency Region 3 (Waikato). This is a $100,000,000 contract over 8 years and 8 months for the management and maintenance of 296.4km of state highway. The participants to the project are NZTA, Fulton Hogan and GHD. NZ Transport Agency’s principal objective is to operate a safe and efficient highway system. GHD as a consultant to Fulton Hogan provide network safety, network controls and traffic management co-ordination. Dedicated staff and resources from Fulton Hogan and GHD have been brought together into one team, operating at a single office for the contract.

Another project in the region is the $510,000 Northgate Industrial Subdivision, the works for this contract included the subgrade preparation, kerb and channel preparation, pavement construction and surfacing. The construction works were handed over at the point of drainage and the completion of the earthworks, works were then undertaken once more for final surfacing. The pavement construction was completed utilising 3D grader control systems to meet the tight tolerances within the carriageways section. Overall the project included 10,000 m2 of pavement construction, 10,000 m2 of Chipseal membrane, 10,000 m2 of Asphalt surfacing as well as 1,000 m of kerb and channel.

Supplying superior quarry products in Waikato

Futlon Hogan owned Waingaro and Tauhei Road Quarries supplies the raw materials required to carry out the construction of roads, bridges and railway infrastructure in the surrounding area. We are well-resourced to meet population and economic growth in the Waikato and will continue to service the region and its on-going infrastructure needs well into the future.

Operations such as Waingaro and Tauhei Road Quarries allow Fulton Hogan to provide a cost effective end-to-end service for their clients; providing the raw materials as well as the building and maintenance of much needed transport infrastructure. Waingaro and Tauhei Road Quarries provides the materials needed to build and maintain the major highways and railways which allow easy access in and out of the Waikato region.

Key Projects

Fulton Hogan welcomes Waikato Quarrie...

Employees from Waikato Quarries Ltd’s (WQL) Waingaro and Tauhei operations were officially welcomed to the Fulton Hogan ‘family’ at an induction on Saturday, at Fulton Hogan’s Waikato regional office. A number of Fulton Hogan’s senior leaders were in attendance for the occasion, which included welcoming the 27 former WQL staff who have joined Fulton Hogan...

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Te Rapa overlay

The Waikato Expressway is one of New Zealand’s seven roads of national significance, designed to move people and freight between the five largest population centres safely and efficiently. Once complete, the Waikato Expressway will provide a continuous 102km divided four-lane highway between Auckland and Cambridge, reducing the length of State Highway 1 by six kilometres.

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