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Fulton Hogan Sweeper operator wins safety award

On 12th May 2017 Sweeper operator Chris Guymer took home the “AAPA Victorian Safety Initiative award” for his involvement in the roll out of Reverse Smart Technology across the Fulton Hogan business. The innovative Reverse Smart system uses sensors to detect when people or objects move behind operating vehicles and automatically applies the brakes.

A national directive from Industries CEO Nick Marinelli was issued to have all vehicles fitted with the system after an incident in Victoria late last year.

Following an exhaustive internal development process, the system was modified specifically to suit Fulton Hogan vehicles and was installed to all Southern Industries sweepers in 2016.

Long-time Fulton Hogan team member Chris Guymer was operating his sweeper fitted with Reverse Smart on First Street, Westall on Thursday 2 February and was making a necessary three-point turn in the intersection. Despite the fact that his sweeper’s reverse beeper was sounding, a pedestrian wearing headphones and talking on their mobile came out of Chris’ blind spot and walked directly behind his vehicle.

The presence of someone behind the vehicle was immediately detected by the safety sensors and the Reverse Smart auto-braking system activated swiftly, stopping the sweeper just one metre from the pedestrian. Chris was one of the first Fulton Hogan drivers to have his sweeper fitted with Reverse Smart and he worked with the manufacturer to refine the effectiveness of the unit.

Clearly the efforts of Chris and those of the team that worked on this innovation now have tangible proof of the benefits of Reverse Smart, which helped to avoid what could have been serious injury or even a fatality.