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Bacchus Marsh

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11 McPherson Street,
Bacchus Marsh Vic 3555

Peter Curl

GM Industries - Southern (Vic & Tas)

Fulton Hogan

Bacchus Marsh emulsions

Fulton Hogan creates, connects and cares for communities; building the roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property which brings people together. We build communities literally from the ground up, starting with our own network of quarries, complemented by our asphalt, emulsion and pre-cast plants. Located mid-way between Ballarat and Melbourne, Bacchus Marsh is one of the oldest towns in the Victoria. Its population has grown in recent years as Bacchus Marsh has become a commuter centre for people with young families working in Melbourne.

Connected to Melbourne and Ballarat by the Western Freeway, Bacchus Marsh is equidistant to Geelong. Flanked by the Lederberg and Werribee Rivers, the town is popular with water enthusiasts and picnickers, attracting visitors to explore the Werribee and Lederderg Gorge state parks.

Superior emulsion products for Bacchus Marsh surrounding areas

Fulton Hogan’s emulsions plant in Bacchus Marsh provides specialised emulsion products to meet the infrastructure needs of the region. Our research and development specialists ensure that our emulsion products are suitable to meet a variety of needs. From small local roads to larger arterial road networks, and freeways, our products are suitable for every application.

Fulton Hogan provides high quality road grade emulsions to suit the variable climactic conditions typical in Bacchus Marsh and the surrounding region. Our bitumen emulsions limit the use of non-renewable petroleum products and offer the advantage of reducing hydrocarbon pollution. The commitment of the Fulton Hogan emulsions team to providing environmentally friendly products and services is evident from the formulation and application of our emulsions products.

Importantly emulsions also offer improved safety during application and have the advantage of reduced curing times allowing for an extended spraying season. This in turn enables planning and application flexibility and shortens the periods for which road use is limited. All of these factors result in cost savings for both application and impact to local and regional business.

Key Projects

Defence Force facilities


Client: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Completion date: Ongoing

Capability: Airports, Defence

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M80 Ring Road upgrade

Road & bridges

Client: Vic Roads, Victoria

Value: AU$112m

Completion date: Mid 2014

Capability: Roads and bridges

Project type: Design and build

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Melbourne tram track renewal


Client: Yarra Trams

Completion date: October 2013

Value: AU$12m

Capability: Rail

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