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Curtis Island


Client: Bechtel

Contract type: Construction, Joint venture

Completion date: 2012

Fulton Hogan was proud to work with local joint venture partner, McCosker Contracting, to construct a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on Curtis Island for Australia Pacific LNG.

Challenges at hand

Setting up a major construction site from scratch is always a challenge and it becomes even more interesting when your site is located on an island off the Queensland coast, with no pre-existing facilities and only a long barge trip from the nearest town to access the needed materials, workers and machinery.

Fulton Hogan’s experience in earthmoving and civil construction was pivotal in meeting the challenges of the earthworks associated with the Australia Pacific LNG project, which included clearing 160 hectares of land, stripping of acid sulphate soils and the cut and fill of more than 3,000,000m³ of earthworks.

The work also involved building the wharves and landing facilities that were needed to offload the construction materials from the barges, as well as the establishment of a beachhead that would service the main site.

Resources required

At the peak of this contract, as many as 250 staff and as much as one million tonnes of water and materials were required to be barged across to Curtis Island every day. At completion of this project, the team had laid around 3,300,000m³ of cut to fill the various earthworks, processed around 200,000 m³ of rock for re-use and installed more than 2km of drainage culverts and 10km of fencing across the site.

Fulton Hogan and McCosker worked closely with Bechtel to develop a work schedule that fit all the requirements of the job. Ensuring they worked within the existing Bechtel processes and systems was important, with flexibility to act as problem-solvers on daily issues also vital.