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Peter Curl

GM Industries - Southern (Vic & Tas)

Fulton Hogan

Asphalt production and laying in Geelong

Fulton Hogan creates, connects and cares for communities; building the roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property which brings people together. We build communities literally from the ground up, starting with our own network of quarries, complemented by our asphalt, emulsion and pre-cast plants.

Fulton Hogan’s asphalt production plant in the Geelong suburb of Lara produces tailored asphalts designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our clients. As Victoria’s second city, and transport hub for the west of the state, there is a constant requirement for asphalt laying in creation new roads and upgrading of existing ones. Our vertically integrated business model means we manage the entire process, from extracting the raw materials used in asphalt production to asphalt laying and maintenance, reducing cost and increasing constancy.

The recent completion of the thirty kilometre Geelong Ring Road enables drivers to travel from Melbourne to Winchelsea without meeting a red light, slashing journey times to the Great Ocean Road and the South Australian border. The world class bitumen emulsion and polymers incorporated into Fulton Hogan’s asphalt production enable such key routes to stand up to the high traffic volumes they carry. Transport of local manufacturers’ goods to Melbourne and beyond, and large numbers of tourists heading to the twelve apostles and Warrnambool, make Geelong’s roads among the busiest in the state. Our asphalt laying teams have the organisation and capacity to run projects such road usage creates.

As well as serving the needs of industry, agriculture and tourism, Fulton Hogan’s asphalt production expertise helps the local population. Geelong’s location as first landfall of heavy storms from the deep Southern Ocean means its smaller roads and pavements are vulnerable to erosion. The City of Geelong has 1600 kilometres of sealed roads and 1,300 kilometres of pavements. There is also a rapid increase in bicycle use, both for commuting and exercising, who rely on smooth road surfaces. The spray sealing technologies used in our asphalt laying prevent water getting underneath their surfaces, meaning a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.

Key Projects

Defence Force facilities


Client: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Completion date: Ongoing

Capability: Airports, Defence

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M80 Ring Road upgrade

Road & bridges

Client: Vic Roads, Victoria

Value: AU$112m

Completion date: Mid 2014

Capability: Roads and bridges

Project type: Design and build

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Melbourne tram track renewal


Client: Yarra Trams

Completion date: October 2013

Value: AU$12m

Capability: Rail

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