Employee Engagement Survey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Download FAQs for NZ here.

Download FAQs for Australia here.

Why is Fulton Hogan conducting another Employee Engagement Survey?

We want to know firsthand how our people feel about the business. It is vital we tap in to this to build on our strengths and identify and address areas for improvement. This year there will be a smaller amount of questions to get a ‘pulse’ check on how we are tracking against last year.


Who is eligible to participate in the survey?

All current Fulton Hogan Permanent and Fixed-Term employees who started before the 1st Oct 2022. Casuals and contractors will not be invited to participate.


How is the survey being administered?

We have partnered with Culture Amp to run the survey which opens on Monday 17 October 2022 and closes on Friday 28 October 2022. You will receive an email from ‘Fulton Hogan via Culture Amp’ (notifications@cultureamp.com) with a survey link in your work inbox. This link is safe to open, and unique to you meaning it cannot be shared with others. For those employees that do not have access to a work inbox, this email will be sent to your personal email address or via sms/text message.


What are the focus areas of the survey?

  • Employee engagement
  • Things we are good at
  • Things we need to improve

How can I complete the survey?

Complete through the URL emailed or sent via text direct to you. Most computers, laptops and cellphones are supported by the survey provider Culture Amp. The supported browsers are Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.


Is the survey confidential?

Yes. We have engaged Culture Amp, a third party provider, to conduct the survey. Culture Amp’s role is to gather responses and collate the data on our behalf. At no point will your name or identifying information be requested or recorded. We have also set up permissions in the backend of the survey which will prevent the ability to directly or indirectly identify your responses.


How do I answer the questions?

You will be asked a statement, and need to tell us how much you agree or disagree with that statement. In Culture Amp you use a ‘Heat Bar’ to enter your answers. Simply swipe left to right to select from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. Clicking on your response will select that answer. If you are on a laptop or desktop you use your trackpad or mouse pointer to select. If you are on a tablet or smartphone you can simply swipe.


Do I need to answer every question?

No. There are some mandatory questions in Culture Amp, but these are the exception. We encourage you to answer every question, however, there may be valid reasons not to answer a question. For example, you may feel the question is not relevant to you.


Can I save my survey and complete it later?

Yes. Culture Amp allows you to save your changes every time you use it. You can use the original link that was provided to return to where you left off. However, be aware that this link will not function after the survey is closed. You will be sent a reminder to complete the survey if you have not done so before the survey’s closing date. You can even switch between devices while completing your survey.


Can I change my answers?

Yes. You can change your answers any time before finishing the survey. If you already submitted your survey and would like to change your answers, the survey link can be reset by following the original survey link and using the ‘Redo Survey’ link at the bottom of the ‘Thank You’ page. You will receive a new survey invite link by email. Be aware that resetting a survey removes all your previous answers. You will need to complete the entire survey again.


How will my answers be used?

Survey information will be used in a variety of ways. Overall, your answers will allow us to understand and analyse current or emerging trends when compared with data from previous surveys. This will help us determine what positive changes and improvements we need to make in the future.


How and when will results be shared?

The results will be shared with you later in 2022 or in early 2023 by your respective CEO, RM or GM and HR/People & Culture Representative(s) in either face-to-face or virtual formats. Specific details will be announced in the near future.