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Our priorities

Fulton Hogan has made its mark for more than 80 years – building and maintaining the roads, airports, bridges, parks and property developments that form the important connections between, functioning towns and cities.

Our enduring principles

Our Enduring Strategic Framework sets out the company’s long-term vision and direction. This framework guides decision making by our people; aligning strategy and creating synergies between all our empowered businesses. It is supported by our essence, values, strategy, edge, enduring principles, as well as a range of policies that create an environment for quality decision making by our people.

  • Care for the well-being and development of each other
  • Long-term, intergenerational view
  • Customer and community centric
  • Empowered business units, adding to the whole
  • People responsible to make the difference, with integrity always

Our vision & purpose

Being a successful and enduring infrastructure business – being in, connecting and caring for communities

Our essence

Great people living REAL values, having ownership in the business

Our values

REAL – respect, energy and effort, attitude and leadership

Our strategy

Balanced portfolio with considered growth into adjacent markets and new stable geographies

Our edge

Optimise our vertically integrated business model to perform like no other