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Asset Management

Maintaining a community

Buildings, roads, parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities, airports – there is a lot involved in maintaining a community where people feel safe and free to enjoy their work and leisure. Fulton Hogan is renowned as a leader in asset management delivery. We work closely with authorities across New Zealand and Australia to provide all the answers for their asset management needs including:

  • Road, footpath and drainage maintenance
  • Facilities management
  • Asset management and condition rating
  • Bridge maintenance and repairleaders
  • Open space maintenance
  • Sign and furniture maintenance and replacement
  • Street sweeping
  • Line marking and traffic management
  • Delivering preventive programmes

We focus on what is best for the asset and whole-of-life cost cycle planning while taking the dynamic needs of our customers and community into consideration. We understand the value of identifying ongoing or widespread maintenance issues and applying whole-of-life solutions. Where appropriate, we identify and rectify the underlying cause, for example ongoing potholing is often due to a drainage issue. The short-term cost of fixing the underlying problem is usually more than offset by the long-term gains.

Understanding customer needs

Working with existing customers, we have developed a range of electronic asset management processes that provide an integrated management approach that focuses on extending the asset’s life. By using portable mapping and GPS data to record assets, report defects and log repairs or replacements, our systems provide a real-time picture of their assets. Our commitment to collaborating allows us to tailor asset management and civil maintenance programs to reflect changing customer priorities, emerging safety issues and community expectations within funding constraints. We can also customise systems to integrate with our customers’ internal systems or use our own databases. The ability to respond at any time to emergency road conditions is a standard feature of Fulton Hogan’s road maintenance contracts.

We have an outstanding record of responding to emergency events. Whether it be the devastating Canterbury earthquakes, the Nelson floods or the Auckland tornado, Fulton Hogan has always stood tall and assisted our clients and the community with our extensive resources and expertise. Focusing on understanding our customers’ long-term needs allows Fulton Hogan to deliver work programmes on time and on budget, frequently exceeding expectations. As leaders in road construction, it stands to reason authorities call on us when it comes to maintaining these vital community links.

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Key Projects

KUPE Gas onshore facility


Client: Kupe Gas Project Alliance (Origin Energy and Technip Oceania Pty Ltd.)

Completion date: 2012

Cost: NZ$7.3m

Capability: Roads and bridges, Asset management, Energy

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New Plymouth

Asset management

Client: New Plymouth District Council (NPDC)

Completion date: Ongoing

Capability: Roads and bridges, Asset management

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Integrated Services Arrangement

Integrated Services Arrangement

Asset management

Client: Main Road Western Australia

Completion date: Ongoing (1998 - 2015)

Capability: Roads and bridges, Asset management

Cost: AU$55m a year

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