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Minister applauds recycling scheme

An initiative to recycle used oil coordinated by a Fulton Hogan manager has helped solve a huge problem nationwide, Associate Minister for the Environment Scott Simpson told customers and staff during a site visit yesterday.

Mr Simpson visited the Fulton Hogan asphalt plant at Miners Road, Templeton, to see how the oil is re-used as part of the Government’s Recycled Oil Saves the Environment (R.O.S.E.) scheme for which Fulton Hogan is the sole collector for the South Island and runs two sub-contractors for North Island pickups.

Over the past 12 years Fulton Hogan in Canterbury has grown the collection of used oils from businesses such as restaurants and garages to 940,000 litres per year in 2005/6 to 2.5 million litres for the current year. Fulton Hogan also has used oil programmes running in Invercargill, Dunedin, the West Coast and Nelson.

Mr Simpson was keen to meet John Forrest, Industries Divisional Manager, who was an example of “a wonderful story that sees Kiwis come up with some impressive ideas for waste management strategies”.

“We had a huge problem in New Zealand, you’ve done something tangible, put it into practice and we’ve got end users like Tegel here today. It’s a wonderful example of Kiwi ingenuity,” Mr Simpson said. Without the initiative, there was the risk used oil would be poured down drains, he added.

Fulton Hogan Executive Manager – Corporate Services, Jules Fulton earlier explained that Mr Forrest was committed to sustainability and “doing more with less”. He was also living proof that: “Companies don’t have ideas – people do.”

The Minister presented Mr Forrest with a certificate of appreciation. Mr Forrest said it had been fantastic to see the scheme become a reality. He escorted Mr Simpson on a tour so that he could see how the recycled oil is collected and processed before some is used as fuel for the nearby asphalt plant – the rest is sold to other businesses.

The Minister was also impressed to observe plastic oil containers being recycled at Miners Road, with the recycled plastic being used in asphalt mixes.  Previously this highly contaminated rubbish was sent to landfill.

Caption: From left: Fulton Hogan Executive Manager – Corporate Services, Jules Fulton, Associate Minister for the Environment Scott Simpson and Industries Divisional Manager, John Forrest.